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New Bloom


New Bloom Video created by Branden Thornhill Miller

The New Bloom is a landmark sculpture symbolizing Fort Wayne’s continuing commitment to the arts and creativity of children in a new period of city growth and innovation by sculptor/artist Dianna Thornhill Miller of Omni Art Design.
The New Bloom is a 24-foot high, stylized flower with an 8 foot wide petal span and free-standing leaves of stainless steel. The sculpture will light at night with a rotating color loop at Meyers Park, Parkview Field in the new Harrison Square complex.
The sculpture symbolizes the creativity, innovation and flowering of the arts. The New Bloom will join other public art installations that commemorate significant events in Ft. Wayne history and the leadership of its citizens. As a tangible presence, it will give credence to our community’s long-standing commitment to the arts.  New Bloom will inspire us and celebrate the flowering creativity of children, who are our collective cultural future.  Learn more about New Bloom here.
Steering Committee: Dorothy Kittaka (New Bloom Committee chair),  Kim Bastin, Georgia Cook, De Klocke, Ruth Niewyk, Linda Ruffolo, Sandy Schumaker, Branden Thornhill-Miller (creative consultant), Dr. Bobbie Weikle, Dana Wichern, and the late Bette Harris and Patty Martone.

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